We have our whole life to live (angelsdemise) wrote in lake_tahoe,
We have our whole life to live


Hi there!

I figure I'll kick this off with a post of some of my favorite links about the Tahoe area.

Mind, these are North Shore related, and in the future I hope to be able to add tons of links that are related to South Shore as well.

Go Tahoe North! Get all the information you can about what's going on, where to stay and all the different North Shore neighborhoods.

Crystal Bay Club Casino! One of my favorite places to sit back and have a drink and loose a couple dollars. They've always got some concert going on for a decent price. The casino is beautiful, and right now they're displaying some enormous crystal formations that are on loan to them. Check out the "Entertainment" link for what concerts are coming up.

The Tahoe World! Quite possibly my favorite Tahoe newspaper. It gives all the details on what things are going on around town, and best of all it's FREE at just about every location you can think of!
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