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More Links

I was perusing the internet today and found some more good links!

From here you can select the area that you're heading to and then go to the individual websites for the whole area of Lake Tahoe.

Lanza's Italian Restraunt on the North Shore. They have the most excellent italian I have ever eaten. The restraunt is incredibly cute, and the service is spectacular. The prices are a little high, but it is most definetly worth the cost to get such a great meal. I strongly urge anyone who is eating there to try the Tiramisu for dessert!

The world's best Omlettes at the Squeeze In! I was first introduced to this place about three years ago when I was on my first visit to the Tahoe area. This place is in Truckee, about 15 minutes north of the Lake. My husband used to eat here every weekend when he was younger, and couldn't wait to share it with me. They're only opened limited hours, so get there early and get in! The walls are decorated with photos of the owners and all the employees, and it looks like you're sitting in an old friend's kitchen. If you look past the photos you'll see signatures and tributes written to the restraunt and the staff by visitors from all over the world. If you're not in the mood for omlettes, then choose any number of other tasty meals! Don't forget to pick up a bumper sticker on your way out, so you can proudly display your newfound love for their inviting atmosphere and great food!

Take a boat cruise this summer! The Tahoe Gal leaves from Tahoe City. While you're on the boat you can get information about the history and science of Lake Tahoe, as well as taking in the beautiful sights. The Gal is newly remodeled this year, and they offer a wide variety of cruises. You can take a Lunch Cruise that goes down into Emerald Bay to see Vikingsholm or take a Sunset Dinner Cruise that boats along the North Shore. Check out the site for information on the different cruise types and what the ticket costs are.

If you're on the South Shore, never fear! There are two different cruise boats that leave from Zephyr Cove! I can't personally vouch for either of these, but check out their site to find out more information!
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